Princess Sessions

Princess Sessions

I had the pleasure on March 30, Good Friday to photograph 9 little girls for our first Princess Sessions. I have always loved princess dresses, this is not to say I don’t like getting dirty and playing sports. I just like once in a while wearing a beautiful dress. This was a joint venture with another photographer from down island Kim Yanick Portraits. A videographer did behind the scenes for us to use for our marketing, for this reason we offered a very special price for our models. They would be models and would get some wonderful photos and we would have some great marketing material for future sessions.

Princess Session














Princess dresses were laid out for each girl, along with a choice of tiaras and bracelets to complete the look. A special cherry blossom backdrop was used as well as outdoors in the garden. Thirty minutes for each girl allowed plenty of time to photograph in the different settings as well as both photographers and videographer and then get changed back into street clothes. A couple of times we had cross over of sessions for a few minutes, but it was a beautiful sunny day so waiting on the patio was not a problem.


Next Princess Sessions will be in the summer.

Phone 250 338 6660 for more information or to be notified of dates.


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Beautiful woman beautiful rooster

What does a beautiful woman and a beautiful rooster have in common?

Simply that they are both beautiful. Many women do not see their own beauty, yet every rooster sees his. He struts and shows his stuff, protects his hens, yet most people do not want a rooster. For one they crow at 4:30 in the morning to start with.

My intention behind this new series is to see things in a different light. To show that we are part of our past and still live in the present. To look at animals in a different way to see their beauty.

Rooster was upset

Dawn my model had never held a rooster before. In fact, I had never held a rooster either, lots of chickens, but alas no rooster. I borrowed this rooster from a friend for the photo session. Picking him up on the Sunday before the shoot, due to the crowing early in the morning the 4 other roosters were no longer alive. Rooster was visibly upset. Transportation was in large dog kennel and into my studio.

Over the next few hours I would visit him, but my hopes were not high that he would be able to be held for a photo shoot. Not wanting to harm him in any way I resigned that he would not be in the shoot.

Clove Oil is good to calm animals

Upon further investigation via the internet, clove oil is good to calm animals. A few drops on a tissue should do the trick. Monday morning,  he wandered around the studio, but certainly did not want to be picked up. Covering him with a sheet was the only way to get him back into the kennel.

Kyla Henderson makeup artist extraordinaire, is also a animal whisperer. Robbie (he now has a name)  wandered around while hair and makeup was completed. Kim Yanick from Kim Yanick Portraits was doing behind the scenes videos and captured Robbie strutting his stuff. Kyla picked up Robbie, showing Dawn how to hold him. Dawn, tentative as first, became a pro at holding him. Robbie was a perfect gentleman. He now lives on Salt Spring Island with a brood of 70 hens.

Contact me

If you are interested in being part of this series, please contact me.

If you have an animal (no dogs or cats), that you would like to see in this series, please contact me.



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Snow Queen

Snow Queen on Forbidden

What a spectaclular day for a Snow Queen photo shoot.  Driving up to the old ski hill the day before to check out possible locations was an easy drive. Lots of new snow, but the plow had cleared a section enough to drive. Everything was perfect except there was no snow on the trees. I could live with that. Photoshop is easy to add some snow to the background. Monday morning started with nice high clouds. Hair and makeup was completed in the studio, then we headed up the mountain. A perfect day, the road was cleared, the sun broke through the clouds and new snow covered the trees.

I offer complimentary consultations in my studio.

Phone 250 338 6660 to book your dream shoot.



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Snow Queen Shoot Prep

Snow Queen Photo Session. I started working today on preparation for a conceptual photo shoot for January 22. These shoots feed my creative soul. A couple of years ago I made a white head piece  and have used it on a few shoots. The piece was beautiful, but it needed some updating to fit in with my ideas for this session. This is the old version. I cut off the gold hanging chain and added some small white flowers.



The change is subtle but I like it. The next step was making a snow queen flower bouquet as well as sceptre. Flowers in the studio are plentiful, so that was an easy task. A broom handle spray painted silver with some braiding and an old Christmas decoration finished it off.

This week will be working on stylizing the session and working out different poses as well as finding a location up the mountain with lots of snow and few people.

I will post after the session in a week. I am excited.



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Practice what I Preach

Practice what I Preach

Finally I practiced what I preach. I got in front of the camera. For the last 7 years as I have built my practice.  I knew that I wanted to get in front of the camera. I wanted to have what I was offering. But I also knew that I no longer felt great about my body.
I live with an autoimmune disease and deal with effects of medications. I have gained weight and I am old. I have a fat face.

I trusted my friend and fellow photographer Kim Yanick from Lake Cowichan to photograph me. Yvonne Yule, my makeup artist extraordinaire came with me for the 2 hour drive. Kim greeted us at the door with one of her pocket pets a beautiful rat.

Her living room became our hair and makeup area. I put some hot rollers in and Yvonne started her make over. Kim went through my wardrobe and chose the dresses and tops that she thought would work well.

It was interesting to be on the other side of the camera. I know the poses and I know how to stick out my head and slightly chin down, but she wanted more and more. Move my hand this way, no up, no down. Kim talked to me constantly the same as I talk to my clients. It worked I felt good.

I changed clothes a few times, brushed out some of the curls and we kept going. I think for 2 hours. It was definitely the experience I was looking for.

A local pub for a late lunch finished the day off and then Yvonne and I did the nasty drive home in the dark and pouring rain. Now, the waiting for the reveal.

Kim came to my studio for the digital reveal. This was probably the hardest part for me. Some of the images I did not like. I felt my face was too fat, or something else, but for the most part I loved the images. I chose 15 so I must have loved them.

Looking at the images and I see a beautiful confident woman. Yes I also see a woman that is 60 and I love that woman for she is me. I also see some of the younger me in the smile and the stance of some of the photos.


Will I do this again? Yes in a heartbeat.


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18th Century meets 21st Century with Attitude

Living in one century and dreaming in another

I am sure I lived in another time, another century. I love the clothes and fashion of the 16th, 17th and 18th century. This latest series draws from my love of fashion and sewing.
Wandering around fabric stores I envision beautiful gowns of yesteryear. What starts in my mind grows and has a life of its own. It grows and becomes something else.

While creating this gown I knew it my mind that Celina would be the one to wear it. Even though I had not seen or heard from her in almost a year, I knew she would bring the outfit to life. The first underdress started its life as a wedding dress that I found in a second hand store for $20.00. I dyed it grey to match the silver in the overdress. The second underdress is a combination of a tule skirt I made last year and a bustier bought online.

The original idea was to create 2 or 3 dresses and do a photo shoot in a cave, but that has just not happened yet. So a new Zen Garden was created at Smith Hill Gardens and I thought this would be the perfect outfit to accentuate the calmness of the garden.

Here are the first 3 images of a few more to come.

The images are edited with a painting tone to give that old world feel.

If you are interested in a custom photo shoot with this style, please contact me at 250 338 6660

kimslenophotography_09-08-16_0000000025725alifp kimslenophotography_09-08-16_0000000025636palif kimslenophotography_09-08-16_0000000025624palif


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Before and After Glamour Photography

I love capturing the beauty of a woman. We come in all shapes and sizes and we are all beautiful. Sometimes we need to see someone we know that we can relate to after a glamour session. Melissa was looking to update her graphic design website and needed a new look. What a great day we had. It started with hair and makeup in the studio, then some shots in the studio and few clothes changes and then out into the garden. 

Check out Melissa’s website mdmcreate


As you can see Melissa is beautiful in the before image and is stunning in the after.


Before and After Glamour Photography



Before and After Glamour Photography

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Self Esteem and body Image

I have been thinking a lot lately about what gives ones person more self esteem than another person. I like playing a part in helping people have more self esteem by seeing their face and body as other people see it, not what they see in a mirror. When I stand in front of a person that I am talking to, I see the whole person, I see their personality, their body language and I see a 3 dimensional person. When many women and young people look in the mirror, they will concentrate on the negatives like some wrinkles or a zit and not on the whole picture. It truly is like the old saying, can’t see the forest for the trees



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Simple Elegant Beauty

The shoot started as a conceptual idea of black versus white, good versus bad. One model dressed in black and greys, with a Victorian flare and a large black head piece decorated with black feathers, lace and jewels. The other model dressed in a Victorian white wedding dress, a large white head piece decorated in beads, white fir branches with white berries and crystal jewels. I started shooting the bad black model while the good white model was in hair and makeup, then moved on to a duo style for a short time, then into the final outfits for the outdoor scene. Due to time constraints the model for the bad black outfit had to leave so I did not capture what I was trying to do. Learning lesson for me. So back to the studio and finished some lovely shots of Felicia with natural window light.

kms_02-12-15_0000000016902all fil




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Creativity and Beauty Combined

Yesterday was a rainy day, so perfect to be in the Studio with Cat doing a conceptual glamour session. Cat has not modeled before. We started with her hair and set it with some hot rollers, then applied makeup for a natural demure look. This fit perfectly for the new Gatsby Style dress and head piece that I created last Sunday. We tried a few different backgrounds and a few different looks with the hair. Cat you were wonderful to work with. You have a quiet elegance about you and it shows in the images.

kms_01-15-15_0000000016384cr kms_01-15-15_0000000016407cr kms_01-15-15_0000000016452ccr kms_01-15-15_0000000016478acr


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Seeing our beauty

As women, many of us do not see our own beauty. We look at our “faults” and not at our assets. Some of us do not feel pretty for many different reasons. Laura is a hair stylist extraordinaire. I go in every month and have my hair coloured and of course we talk. We starting talking about photos and images and beauty. So in November Laura came to the studio for a glamour photo session. Laura is very athletic and had great control of her body and did some wonderful poses. She also brought a wig to do some “pretty shots”. Laura is absolutely beautiful without the wig and with the wig it was like she was incognito and we shot some amazing images. Thanks Laura.

Laura-before-and-after-copywrightkms_11-09-14_0000000013983copyrightkms_11-09-14_0000000013981final-copywright kms_11-09-14_0000000014355copyright


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New Year New Creativity

Jan 4, 2015

New Year’s Eve has come and gone. For the second year in a row, my husband and I went hiking around Nymph Falls with another couple in the morning. Sunny cold days are not the norm in the Comox Valley. We hiked for about an hour and a half then back to our friends house to cook all day, eat and drink. We had poached eggs on crab cakes with a sabayon sauce, fresh Alaskan King Crab legs, puff pastry tart with caramelized onion, garlic and chanteral mushrooms, salad, chocolate mousse, champagne with chambord, oh my this is so wonderfully delicious. We ate, drank, cooked and talked for 8 hours. What a great way to celebrate a new year.

Friday was a day of creating for me. Back to my roots or sewing. A few months back I cleaned up the basement and set up my sewing machine and serger on an old oak dining table. It is a little wobbly but it works fine. I have an idea for a concept session with a Victorian theme. The fabric I had purchased last year and cut out. Friday was the magic day of putting the beauty together. I use a pattern for ideas, and I never follow the guidelines for putting it together. I find most of them illogical. For example I put the sleeves in before I sew the sides up, this way there is lots of area to work with and not a tiny little arm hole. I did not hem the sleeves as I used the edges of the bolt when cutting it out and I like the frayed appearance of it. The pattern also called for a lining which for me was unnecessary as it is only for photo sessions. I added trim and the front and back have tie ups to adjust for different size women. I did make it small as I will be working with models on the conceptual shoot. The glass buttons I had from many years ago when I use to collect sewing notions that I loved just in case I could use it one day.

kms_01-04-15_0000000016280 kms_01-04-15_0000000016284 kms_01-04-15_0000000016285 kms_01-04-15_0000000016288


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Creativity has no fears

My creative juices have been flying lately. Annie Sloan Chalk Paint has intrigued me for a while so I decided to try some on an antique chair. The chair was a burnt orange and I have not liked it since I purchased it a few years ago, but I love the lines. Chalk paint is easy to apply. I watered it down for the first 2 coats to saturate the velvet, then I put on 2 normal thick coats of paint. The paint did crack a bit on the fabric, but I then used a wood floor wax and worked it into the cracks and buffed it to a slight sheen so it looks like old leather.
Paris Grey is the colour I used with a slight touch of graphite on the carved parts of the wood.

Here is the final product with beautiful Laura in a glamour photo session.



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Exist in Photos Thanksgiving

We all need to #Existinphotos for our family, for our friends and for ourselves. We are all going to leave this planet at sometime. We do not know when and we hope that we live long and healthy lives, but sometimes things happen. Car accidents, health issues etc. What images do you want people to have of you? Is it the duck face selfie? These are fun images that show people a little bit about us, but they do not show the true beauty of who we are. A professional photographer will pose a person to accent your best features. Give something of yourself to your friends, to your family and to yourself.



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Oct 4 2014

I am laughing at myself. I started my blog last  year and I add a little here and there. Yesterday I am watching a CreativeLive workshop about WordPress and bingo I learn that there are posts and pages. I have been adding to a page instead of using a post.
So this is really my first post on my blog.



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